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Apr. 6th, 2013 11:03 pm
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It's been too long since I participated in an LJ meme. So here we go!

How this works:

You comment, I give you an age (please tell me how old you currently are so I don't inadvertently move you into the future) and you respond to the meme questions with what applied to you back then, and what's true now.

[ profile] tsarina gave me age 24.

I lived in: the nicest apartment I ever inhabited in NYC and my first real apartment out of college. A Fort Greene, Brooklyn, duplex, with a washer/dryer, two bedrooms, a gorgeous view of the park, and a formerly excellent view of downtown Manhattan, including the Twin Towers. At the beginning of my 24th year, I lived with [ profile] freak1c, who was simply my roommate at the time. At the end of my 24th year, I was not speaking with [ profile] freak1c -- we'd fallen in love over that year while I was still dating someone else, and the ensuing break-up was intensely painful for everyone involved. When I turned 25, I was living with a new (female) roommate who became a dear friend.

Now: [ profile] freak1c and I just celebrated our fourth year in our own home, the first house we have owned, in Austin. It's small, built in the 1960s, and is surrounded by three gorgeous, huge trees. A large yard in the back is currently strewn with dog toys, fallen leaves, and little divots where either the dog or our son have dug holes. Our guest bedroom is also a karaoke room, complete with big speaker, LED light ball, and glittering walls.

I drove: I took the subway everywhere, and loved it.

Now: A hybrid crossover, a used car that we bought from a Land Rover dealership (not a Land Rover). [ profile] freak1c and I share a car, since we are both self-employed, don't want to be buying gas for two cars, and don't want another car payment.

I was in a relationship with: At the beginning of my 24th year, I was dating Christopher, my college boyfriend who was transitioning from acting to poetry and was unemployed and depressed about it. Over the year, our relationship deteriorated and then when [ profile] freak1c moved to Boston for a job after grad school, he and I realized that we were in love with each other. Soon after, I broke up with Christopher and stopped talking to [ profile] freak1c so I could get clarity on what I wanted.

Now: [ profile] frea1kc and I will celebrate our tenth year as romantic partners in October, and our 7th wedding anniversary in September.

I feared: That crazy D.C. sniper. More terrorism in NYC, like an anthrax attack. Hurting the ones I loved. Being stuck forever at the job I was starting to hate. Vomiting.

Now: Still fear vomiting, but much less since I've started to work to heal myself there. Something bad happening to our son. Never getting out of debt, having to declare bankruptcy, both of us having to get full time day jobs and put our son in full-time day care, since we have prioritized both of us being engaged in raising him at this early age.

I worked at: A Yiddish theater as an administrative assistant. I was also writing a screenplay with three friends for a major film director.

Now: Myself, as a writer, a marketing consultant, and a co-founder and co-owner of a social media and public health company with [ profile] freak1c and [ profile] bobbydrake007.

I wanted to be: a writer, a feminist thinker, a sensually alive person.

Now: a more body-mind-soul integrated woman, a present, mindful, and loving mother, a published novelist, a playful, joyful, loving and present partner and wife.

~ ~ ~

What's so lovely to me about the age that [ profile] tsarina gave me is that my 24th year is actually documented here on my LJ. From September 2002 through September 2003. It was one of the most tumultuous years of my 20s, and, in hindsight, one of the most alive.
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